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    Video is an art in itself. It keeps people engaged. Whether you’re doing a social media post or trying to keep people on your website, videos and photography are a huge market to get into. Okay, we might be biased… but not really, we just look at the data. Not to mention video is just plain and simply entertaining – if you do it correctly and effectively. It can add a drastic impact on the way you sell your products or service in your business.  Video is the only platform that you can educate, engage and entertain current or potential clients on your company’s branding philosophy. That is why Inspire Marketing & Media specializes in video production.

    Focus on the stories you want to tell

    What can Inspire Marketing & Media do for you?

    Jenelle Wensley is skilled in all phases of production, from creative writing and contemporary videography, to cutting-edge editing and motion graphic projects. We stay on top of the latest trends and encourage out of the box videos to ensure everything created is influenced by consumers, modern techniques, and fresh design. We use only professional, cinema-grade cameras and production equipment to ensure quality.

    Types of Videos

    Corporate videos

    Product videos

    Event videos

    Bands & Music videos

    Wedding videos


    • – Marketing Strategy
    • – Creative Development
    • – Script Writing
    • – Time management
    • – Set design
    • – Location Scouting
    • – Scouting Actors


    • – Cinematography
    • – Interviewing
    • – Lighting
    • – Audio Recording
    • – Hair & Makeup
    • – Film & Video Directing
    • – Wedding videos
    • – Social media posts
    • – Website video
    • – Youtube channel set up


    • – Editing
    • – Closed Captioning
    • – Colour Corrections
    • – Sound Design
    • – Motion Graphics & Animation
    • – Professional voice overs
    • – Delivery & distribution
    • – Duplication (low scale)
    • – Editing old wedding videos
    • – Sporting events
    • – Editing current video footage
    • – Highlight reels
    • – Commercials
    • – Promo videos

    Our Process

    Concept Development

    Inspire Marketing & Media typically likes to come up with concepts together. We believe in strong relationships when you’re involved with big marketing budgets. This way we can understand what is most important to you. We implement your concepts, and communicate your message and intent clearly to your audience.


    We can now ensure your video hits all the marks while keeping in mind your audience and how our visuals and messaging will impact them. Only then will you have great content, when it truly speaks and matters to your audience because it was custom-tailored to them.

    Equipment Philosophy

    Videographers all have their preference and we are no different. We use products that are leaders in the industry and built strictly for video such as Carl Zeiss, Sony, DJI, Lavalier Microphones, and Rode Brand. Our editing software includes Apple products, Final Cut Pro, and Motion.


    So now we have this beautiful video that you spend money on, but no one is seeing it! We need to take it a step further and ask who is your audience and where can we find them? Your video is awesome so now we need to ensure that it is not only seen by an audience, but your potential target market.


    A great starting point will be to tap into your niche audience and amplify your videos reach in a more organic way. If you’re a small business trying to compete in a saturated industry, paid advertising will often do the trick.

    case studies

    We will create meaningful and memorable work that you will be proud to showcase. Don’t trust us? Check out people who do!

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