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    Don't risk your hard earned dollars on a restricting website

    At Inspire Marketing and Media, we know that the only website worth investing in is one that is created specifically to help your achieve your business goals.
    That’s why we start every project with research and data; this allows us to uncover the perfect strategy and content that goes into developing the most valuable marketing tool you have on the internet. To make that level of customization possible, we can’t offer up-front price quotes. Instead, we can give you a range of what you can expect to pay. And don’t worry – we will take into account your budget when we are coming up with a strategy for your website.


    Fully Custom Strategy-Based Websites: $5K-10K+

    Websites are more then just an expensive business card on the web. You never know where your business will take you, and you need to prepare for the future. But how can you do that when you don’t know where the future lies for your business? Our solutions includes our proven discovery process, where we get to know your business, your target markets, and your competition to figure out the very best online strategy for you. We will design a completely customized website that best serves that now and in the future. When you start a project with us, our goal is to set up your website to bring in traffic, which in turn brings leads.

    Semi-Custom Websites: $3K

    For smaller businesses with tighter budgets, our semi-custom websites still begin with the same thorough research process, and are still based on getting more traffic. The only difference lies in the design phase. Rather than a fully “from-scratch” web design process, we modernized sites by integrating your custom strategy into the perfect WordPress theme that will best support your plan. But we don’t stop there. We customize the theme with your content, branding, and images. So in the end, it won’t look semi-custom at all. It will look 100% customized for your business, at a fraction of the cost.

    1-page website $1800-2500

    If you know you need a website but you just don’t want to build it your self. You want a website company to do it for you. Look no further. You can still have a great site that brings your business to the next level with a one page website. Are you a business who has one or 2 products, you don’t need a e commerce platform? You have the photos and content? E mail is set up already. This is the perfect category for you.

    Hourly Consulting/Strategy Services: $100/hour

    If you just need a kick start in the right direction, you can book a strategy session with our head web strategist. We can answer any questions you have, give advice on your current website or marketing campaigns, and suggest improvements to your strategy. Don’t worry – we don’t bill like lawyers! We accumulate web edits into hours so we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to switch out a photo or 2 or 10 even. We are very transparent in how we work and what we charge.

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