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    Before the world of the web, marketing was simple. It was sufficient just to have your brand place a newspaper ad or hang a sign. With the whirlwind of the internet and smartphones, you can have virtual access wherever you are. Marketing has shifted drastically and new trends are appearing rapidly.

    To add to the madness, your target audience is constantly moving from Facebook to Instagram to other social networks or browsers. So how do you keep up with the moving target? How do you build a loyal customer base? Where should you apply your ad dollars?

    Marketing involves a great deal of communication, delivery, and an exchange of something valuable to the end user. Our marketing agency specializes in applying marketing techniques to business owners just like you.

    Marketing so useful people would pay you for it

    What can Inspire Marketing & Media do for you?

    Are you a business that can’t seem to budget for an employee and spending on ads? Inspire Marketing & Media is here to help, so you can spend more on effective marketing activities. Inspire Marketing & Media was created in Lethbridge on the basis of creating long lasting relationships through helping business owners save time, money, and educating them along the way. We help you align your great products with great content and engage people who will actually buy your products or services.

    Our Strategy

    Perhaps the most valuable asset we bring to the party is our absolute belief that all marketing activities can only succeed if they are built upon a solid platform of strategic planning. We work with our clients to help them find alignment between their marketing program and their business goals. 

    Often there is missing or incorrect information about business. The first step is making sure that everything is set up properly. We assess what you currently have going on for your marketing; if it is set up properly, tracked properly, and correlates with what the business thinks.  Combining our objectivity with the resources of our many diverse backgrounds and experiences, we consult with and advise our clients on every phase of the marketing process.

    Inspire Marketing & Media is based on relationships with our clients and keeping them informed every step of the way. We apply the proven disciplines of marketing to provide our clients with a meaningful advantage in the marketplace. In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, we believe each brand needs a strong strategic center from which it can move forward.

    We have a step-by-step guide to help you out! Check out our Marketing PDF here: