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    We help you define your brand, discover your message, and blow your customers away. Your brand takes on its own personality – but is it what you think it is? With the market changing so rapidly, how do you keep up? Branding is one of the most important things you can do for your business, so it’s important that you get it right. Inspire Marketing & Media won’t rest until your brand keeps up with the pace of change, to reflect your true personality. We love creating designs and take great care with even the smallest nuance. Our passion for simple, bold visuals translate into powerful communications that differentiate your brand and launches your business forward.

    brands are created in the mind

    Our Process

    The branding process is the systematic approach used to create, communicate and strengthen a company’s brand. These steps may vary depending on your input, how the process is implemented, and the outcomes of the consumers. Consider your overall business strategy:

    Marketing Plan

    • 1. Identify your target clients
    • 2. Research your target client group
    • 3. Develop your brand positioning
    • 4. Develop your messaging strategy
    • 5. Develop your name, logo and tagline
    • 6. Develop your content marketing strategy
    • 7. Develop your website

    Marketing Research

    • 1. Get a great logo
    • 2. Write down your brand messaging
    • 3. Integrate your brand
    • 4. Create a “voice" for your company that reflects your brand
    • 5. Develop a tagline
    • 6. Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials
    • 7. Be true to your brand
    • 8. Be consistent

    The Focus

    • 1. Think marketing system not website
    • 2. Decide who your “best customers” are and target them with the right offer
    • 3. Make it easy for the right people to find you
    • 4. Website
    • 5. Use the right technology
    • 6. Set SMART growth goals
    case studies

    We will create meaningful and memorable work that you will be proud to showcase. Don’t trust us? Check out people who do!

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