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Using Videos on Social Media

Tips to expand you business’s exposure: Social media videos aren’t just for cats and people falling, anymore. They are now an important part of any social media campaign that all small business should be utilizing. Social Media video posts naturally reach 135% more people than photos alone. Here are some must-know tips ...
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3 Things to know about your website

Since we started Inspire Marketing & Media it’s become very clear to me that most business owners are spending their time in the wrong places. The majority of businesses create a website and leave it sitting there for years without making adjustments and refreshing the content. Many of them don’t even ...
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Consumers are shaping your future

Not that long ago I sat in a conference room in Lethbridge with 200+ people listening to an expert from Toronto sharing insight on the future of business. We all sat there during his many predictions and premonitions about what we need to prepare for moving forward. His most hard-hitting ...
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Get found!

5 billion searches are performed every day. Are you being found? Consumers start their searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and a few others. Today Google owns an overwhelming majority of the attention. Facebook is also a “search engine" per se, but their goal is to keep people on Facebook and ...
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4 things to know about websites

I'm often asked about websites and the role they play in the “big picture". It all starts with your business goals. Let's discuss why your website is the most important part of your image. 1-Consumer behaviour is shaping where businesses spend their marketing dollars. Think of your last buying decision. ...
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